Who are we?

Mischief Bikes Inc. was born in North Vancouver in 2013.  Before finding a new way to misbehave, our humble beginnings were in East Vancouver working with 78 Bike Co.  When 78 changed location we needed a new outlet for our love of building steel frames.  Now Mischief is two guys with the most amazing support network of friends helping them.  We love to get lost in the ride and think of nothing more than where the front wheel will go next.


Jonathan first rode trails on a mountain bike in 1986.  Since then he has worked as a bike courier and expanded into skiing, dirt biking (we won’t hold it against him) and expedition motorcycling.  To add to his cool factor, Jonathan’s day job is a Submarine and Atmospheric Diving Suit pilot (ever watched the Abyss?).  As a welder fabricator, journeyman machinist and with experience as a millwright, Jonathan has the skill and knowledge to help create your dream ride.


Peter is a metals and materials engineer who has been riding 26 inch MTBs for over 20 years.  Having never liked gyms, riding is both exercise and a sanity check.  His love for the knobby wheel and technical trails brought him to BC for no other reason than to ride his bike more.  He has always owned and consistently ridden at least one hardtail on the north shore trails and elsewhere in BC.  Peter built his first frame with Paul Brodie at the University of the Fraser Valley and continued to improve his knowledge while working with 78 Bike Co.