26” Mountain Cruiser

The Rogue is best categorized as a Mountain Cruiser, and is a versatile frame for riders looking for a fresh take on the classic MTB.  Designed around 26 inch wheels, the Rogue offers the lowest standover of all the Mischief rides. A cross between a beach cruiser and a classic mountain bike this frame is comfortable, capable and efficient.  Build it to get dirty, build it to get groceries, build it to get away.


29er Trail Bike

Traditional West Coast aboriginal folklore often describes the raven as a trickster – intelligent, capable and the giver of new worlds. Like the bird, the Raven frame is sleek and fast and is always hungry to cover more distance to explore new lands.  Using 29 inch wheels and light, stiff tubing, this bike practically flies! Pavement, path or dirt the Raven is ready to take you there.


700C Commuter Adventure Bike

The perfect bike for your daily migration, Jeeves is a trustworthy aide that you can rely upon to get you there and back again.  A light but strong 700C frame, with adjustable dropouts and a relaxed yet efficient geometry, this bike is so customizable it feels like its been with you since forever.  You have all of the options – single speed, belt drive, traditional geared.  Use it to perfect your daily commute and then let loose on the weekends to explore a little. The best part is, when you reach the end of your adventure, whether it be the close of a busy day or the end of the road, you can state quietly with smirk, and perhaps with a slight british accent, “Home Jeeves”.


650b Trail Bike

A real Joker, this bike lives only for a good time. Like the troubadours that are its namesake, the Jester loves to roam far and wide throughout the countryside looking for tales of adventure.

Designed around a 135 mm front end, 650b wheels and with 142×12 rear axle, it will help you through the serious stuff with a laugh and get you right to the punchline. But all jokes aside, this bike is ready to log some serious trail time.  Don’t think too hard when choosing your paintjob on this frame – it always looks better dirty.



  1. Ken
    February 4, 2014


    Do you have geometry for the Jester? What are the prices for your frames?


    • Michele
      March 9, 2014

      More info is coming for the website Ken! Meanwhile, we will get in touch with you directly. Thanks for your interest!