The perfect bike for your daily migration, Jeeves is a trustworthy aide that you can rely upon to get you there and back again. A light but strong 700C frame, with adjustable dropouts and a relaxed yet efficient geometry, this bike is so customizable it feels like its been with you since forever. You have all of the options – single speed, belt drive, traditional geared. Use it to perfect your daily commute and then let loose on the weekends to explore a little. The best part is, when you reach the end of your adventure, whether it be the close of a busy day or the end of the road, you can state quietly with smirk, and perhaps with a slight british accent, “Home Jeeves”.




Dimensions for Jeeves are unique for each build.  We recognize that road frame geometry is critical to your enjoyment of the ride and that each rider is different in their needs. You may already have your dimensions locked down, or would like our help to define your ride. Either way, we are happy to work with you to create your custom frame.

Jeeves pricing starts at $1,500 for a frame of your size and dimensions with fixed dropouts and a single colour paint job with contrasting Mischief Logo.  You pick the colour!